You can read other parts of my journey here-

A few other experiences(other offers)-

Microsoft SWE 2021(Off-campus) Experience-

Before we proceed, I would like to give some background of myself so as to help you understand my journey better.

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When I entered VIT Vellore in 2017, my confidence was already at rock bottom. A semester passed by smoothly and in the next one, I ended up getting 5 backlogs somehow and add strict parents to the mix and it’s a blast:) Well, I was strictly told to clear all my backlogs within a year without any additional summer semesters…

You can read other parts of my journey here-

Interview Experiences(Rejections)-

Microsoft SWE 2021(Off-campus) Experience-

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In this article, I will share my interview experiences at TCS, Collins Aerospace, and Oracle CGBU. These will be mostly short descriptions since I don’t remember the exact questions.


The process took place in October. Well, the first round had mostly aptitude questions and a few algorithm-based questions. The coding round was a separate part and had 2 codes. The platform used for TCS online tests isn’t good at all. In fact, one couldn’t proceed to the second code if they hadn’t completed the…

Note:- This is more of an experience story rather than just the questions that were asked. It's a bit lengthy, so, bear with me :) If you just want to read the things that were asked I have highlighted them in bold.

You can read other parts of my journey here-

Interview experiences(rejections)-

A few other experiences(other offers)-

This was my first time interviewing with Microsoft. In the past two years, I had applied for intern as well as full-time positions at Microsoft a lot of times without any referrals. I didn’t attend the on-campus process in my third…

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How a good mentorship and Kaggle helped me leverage my data science skills

This year, Kaggle started a new program called the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Grant Program. It aims to empower underrepresented data scientists with support to advance their careers and aspirations. I am grateful that I was one of the few people who became a part of this wonderful program. All the students who became part of the program were assigned a mentor as well. I had done a few basic projects before I became a part of this program. I tried to study things on my own but one of the reasons I participated in this program was…

For quite a while, I had wanted to get started with full-stack development but due to one thing or another, it kept getting delayed. Currently, I am a data analyst intern with Clootrack Software Labs Private Limited. One day on LinkedIn, I saw a post regarding Crio’s externship program by one of the mentors participating in the program and I quickly signed up for it. After a few days, I received a confirmation mail to join the stage-1 of Crio Winter of Doing(CWoD) and I embarked on my journey of getting introduced to full-stack development.

Muskan Jain

Curious and exploring software engineering.

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